Kisseman Community Library

The TransCAP Foundation provided startup funds as well as the operational budget for a free community library in the community of Kisseman in Ghana. This project is jointly administered with Easy Track Ghana, a licensed tour operator in Ghana that operates as a social enterprise providing training and adult skills development. With the support of TransCAP donors, this free community library was opened in 2012.

Under the direction of Easy Track Ghana co-founder Steven Wilson and head librarian Sandra Ho, the Kisseman Community Library is a community asset for an area where books are a luxury. For some children unable to go to school, these are the only books they have ever touched.

This community library offers:

  • Daily children's hours hosting 200 - 250 children per week.
  • Adult collection of vocational, health care, language and other topics at an appropriate level.
  • Community meeting space for educational workshops.
  • Special arts days to inspire and fun activities to teach concepts of health, math, science.
  • One laptop computer and separate monitor for educational games, supervised Internet usage and Pee Wee's Playhouse on Saturday mornings
kisseman-library-during-rush-hour Steve-and-friends leave-your-shoes Library-with-Steve Story-time kisseman-library-during-rush-hour