West African AIDS Foundation

The West Africa AIDS Foundation and the International Health Care Clinic (WAAF/IHCC) are two collaborating organizations ensuring maximum efforts in their fight against the HIV and AIDS epidemic in Ghana. This joint program in Ghana has been supported by the TransCAP Foundation since 2006.

Under the constant direction of the energetic Dr. Naa Ashiley Vanderpuye-Donton, WAAF/IHCC has made great advances and now provides:

  • Comprehensive medical care to persons living with HIV
  • Provision of most modern HIV medicines.
  • Treatment for other diseases like malaria, TB, child and nutritional associated diseases.
  • Pediatric services for infected and affected HIV children
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project which allows financial support for vulnerable children.
  • Skills training and access to micro financing for people living with HIV/AIDS.
  • Reproductive education and condom distribution.
  • Public awareness and anti-stigmatization campaigns.
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